How to Spring clean your wardrobe



Get ready to begin a declutter & detox your wardrobe.

Firstly you need to try to get in the right frame of mind to undertake this task. Think of it less of a chore and more of a fun activity!
Put on some music, make yourself your favourite drink and get in the mood to start organising.

Start by creating a few simple pile categories such as keep, sell, donate and other. The other pile  covers a range of other things like swap, mend, recycle etc.

Try to avoid throwing away clothes, look for a clothes bank, women’s shelters or other charities in your local area.

Once you have cleared out your wardrobe, sort your clothing by season. Anything you can not wear now, try to pack it away, this automatically half’s your wardrobe and creates space to view your clothing options more easily. Vacuum storage bags are a good space saving tip instead of storage boxes or invest in a trunk as a feature for your bedroom.

Then reorganise your clothes by colour, organise from left to right; white, grey, black, dark colours, light colours.

At the beginning of the season hook all your hangers facing outwards (with the end of the hook facing you rather than the back of the wardrobe), and only turn the hanger back around once you’ve worn that item at least once. By the end of the season, any hangers that still face outwards – and were therefore unworn you can decide if it’s time to remove them.

Throughout the year its a good idea to edit your wardrobe. This will mean you can avoid doing a big clear out. When you consider buying a new item, think can i remove anything from the current wardrobe collection.

Happy sorting !