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Creating Thoughtful Clothing

 Ethical & Sustainable Fashion


Stripe knit jumper £69.90

We believe that sustainability and contemporary fashion can go hand-in-hand. And so, we’re proud to be founding partners of Common Objective, a not-for-profit network that champions ethical production.

Sustainable Fabrics

Part of how we work in a thoughtful way to use natural, organic and recycled fabrics. It takes more time and consideration to use sustainable fabrics, but we see this as time well spent. Especially when it helps lower our impact on the planet


Organic cotton



Recycled materials


Print top £49.90

Conscious Design and Supply

We value doing the right thing and want to feel good about everything we touch. That means we work ethically. From the fabrics we use, to how we design and make and deliver our garments. We think about every impact our business has. And it’s with the greater aim of minimising our environmental footprint.

We’re also proud supporters of slow fashion, which is why we design clothing intended to last. We hope the contemporary, easy-to-wear pieces will become your favourites.


Yellow mac £120